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One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi, thank you for you long comment, however, I don’t know whether you are aware of the specific differences with PDA children compared to other Autism cases? Taking control of our children is not something that would work or would i want to work. We want him to be happy and in control of his own feelings. I feel that PDA strategies as suggested on are the best for helping our PDA children. I understand your comments re a ‘quiet revolution’ however, until you have had the threat of having your child removed by social services (which is what Child Protection is), there is no amount of being quiet or taking back control of a child that will help. A noise is now required, as this is happening throughout the country. PDA is not understood, or diagnosed by the NHS. They look to the parents for blame and it is damaging families. It is no good trying to take control of a child who is being removed from your care. The problem was never about the boy’s behaviour, it was that they couldn’t see it. The point of my website and my going public about it is to raise awareness of PDA and stop families being accused of fabricating or inducing illness when there is an ASD present, that they are unwilling to recognise. Thank you.

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