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I am a Mother, an Artist, a Project Manager…And a Psychology Postgraduate. My name is Bernadette Louise.

BL Accused

The Mother bit is the most important, and yet in getting on with that job, people have caused me and my family harm along the way. These people are within the Public Sector from whom we ask for help…NHS & Social Services. It is a long and drawn out horror story of malpractice and malicious behaviours and not one to go in to now. There are posts about it all on here. More will follow.
I have been hurt and amazed at some of the actions my family has had to endure and i needed an outlet for my grief. This blog used to be based elsewhere, but now i am putting that to good use with my Company.

I have two sons, Toddle and The Boy. The Boy has Autism, Pathological Demand Avoidance. After our experiences that led us to gain a private diagnosis, I now aim to get on with my life, help ourselves and help others along the way. More needs to be done to stop the cruel injustices that occur when parenting, partnering or sibling-ing an ‘invisible disability’. Just because it is ‘invisible’ it doesn’t mean the signs aren’t in fact visible. If you know what your looking for.

My Advice: Always seek EXPERT advice.

For more about me visit www.BernadetteLouise.com

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