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My name is Bernadette Louise. I am a SEND Professional, by academia and by experience.

I am a Parent of two children with Additional Needs and am also on the Autism Spectrum myself. I have muddled through life as a misdiagnosis, and now am in a place where I can help others through my work.

My two ‘jobs’ that I somehow manage to squeeze in alongside my children, is one as a Creative Practitioner, I have been a self-employed Artist and writer since 2006, and, two, I amĀ  proud to represent other Parent Carers in my role as a Parent Carer Rep and consult on a variety of issues in my Local Area of Worcestershire and beyond (including working in coproduction with the LA, CCG, WCF, NHS).

I am the independent Chair of the Worcestershire Autism Partnership Board, I am a steering group member for Families in Partnership Parent Carer Forum, and am a co-opted board member of Healthwatch Worcestershire. I am also a Postgraduate Research Student at the university of Gloucestershire, studying parent blaming, fii and autism.

This website ‘BreakfastTree’ is named after a big part of our Autism Journey, and as such it is my SEND page.

For my other work, I hold other sites. I have a fiery tongue and write an honest, sometimes brutal account of parenting, partnering and being on the Autism Spectrum with Pathological Demand Avoidance. Because of this, my multidisciplinary artwork is of an extreme nature and not to everyone’s sensibilities, which is why I have my art bio on www.BernadetteLouise.com (which has been hajicked temporary and is NOT my artwork..crying about this!) and my creative ramblings on www.RabbitMom.Com

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I have vast professional knowledge as well as personal lived experience of Autism Spectrum, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Fabricated and Induced Illness, Special Educational Needs and Mental Health. I share my stories, along with those of others so that with ‘Professionals’ and Senior Managers can have a real-life account of how services feel for those that use them. As a Parent Carer Rep, I represent all SEND parent carers in Worcestershire at high level meetings and work alongside the Local Authority, Health and Care Trust and other agencies       to give them a better understanding of the needs of a wider demographic. This in turn has a positive impact on the services that they design and the people they employ with the hope to shift the culture of understanding towards disability need, appropriate considerations made, and a deep coproduction of services required by families and individuals. 

CV available on request. 

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