Local Paper Coverage ASD/PDA Redditch Advertiser

Please read the story here…

Redditch & Alcester Advertiser News Paper Story here

BL AccusedScott Atkinson Centre, Child Development Centre – Photo Credit: Mac James 2016.

Ok, so there are some errors within the text that i don’t like. I have contacted the Reporter and they have changed the online version, i suppose this highlights the need for further awareness.
Autism is a Neurodevelopmental Condition. It is a condition, a difference and not a disease. I don’t believe that my Child ‘Suffers’ with Autism either. The sensory and anxiety symptoms themselves can be hard and they can cause suffering. But i don’t let my son suffer.

PDA Society for further information – they are brilliant! pda society


Smallwood House Photo: Advertisers own.

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