Hidden disabilities and ‘having’ to explain the impact of them…

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Well the vary nature of ripping apart your own personality or that of some you love is incredibly negative and damaging to self confidence. Whether it is your own hidden disability or from perspective of the parent, its emotionally exhausting when trying to tease out what the problems are, and what is WRONG with you or your child, and eek out each piece of what makes you/them different in a world when it’s not ok to be different We spend most of our lives hiding the difference to the rest of the world, effectively a life spent lying, trying to convince ourselves about how normal we are. But it ends up in a destructive spiral of real life events, that we are then forced to draw upon in order to get the help we went so long without.. It really isn’t very nice to have to fill in forms, go through bullet point after bullet point of everything that makes you, you, or your child who they are. And all of it the worst parts of them, or you.

You realise, how very difficult things really are, and how you must be a detestable person, and how, you scraped by so far through life, it’s impossible to imagine you’re still going.. each and every untruth, misunderstanding, aggressive encounter, confrontation is just what makes some of us human, our kind of human. And these confrontations wouldn’t happen if people just learned that actually, everyone comes at situations with their own agendas, and it’s just that some of us have stronger wills to do or not do something. It’s intrinsic in our make-up, the building blocks forge barriers of protection early on, however, it is not difficult for them to come crashing down, piles of rubble and dust when something out of the ordinary happens, it can be anything.

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