Artist = Safeguarding issue/ Unhinged of course


I’m an artist right, i might have made some slightly odd work but i have freedom of expression…yet this has been used to ascertain my psychological wellbeing in relation to my child…seems wholly unlawful to me. This image is an excerpt of an email sent between a child development centre NURSERY NURSE and a Paediatrician. (Yes a nursery nurse!) I’m starting to get really worked up again…as there is so much in the emails i accessed by the NHS Access to Data, I don’t know where to begin


Another email excerpt. Artist = Safeguarding issue? Parenting ability, fcking mental case…yep that’s me, what a load of crap. So glad we got that positive diagnosis for the boy, they have all been proved wrong now of course, but they have acted so terribly to justify their opinions (incorrect opinions that the boy didn’t have ASD/PDA)…talk about a friggin witch hunt.


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