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I amended the About Page due to vital life changes, this is our story to date – well some of it…

Note, i do use some fiery language when i  write, i don’t mean to offend. My passion burns so strong that oxygen only fuels my fury and swears are the only means of intense expression.

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Since writing my ABOUT page and putting it out there that we thought our Son had an Autistic Spectrum Condition called PDA, we’ve since had a positive diagnosis.


I will write further about the diagnosis itself another time, but as it stands, my main ABOUT amendment is to document that YES we have a diagnosis.
YES it was precisely the issue that we suspected.


And yet the incredible turmoil our family has endured at the hands of the NHS NOT giving my son a diagnosis and NOT acting in the appropriate way has change everything ABOUT me, us and our family.

Needless to say struggling for years to get NHS professionals to hear, you, us, the meagre insignificant parent, would cause any family undue stress, however, our NHS team went one step further, by categorically saying that the Boy DOES NOT HAVE ASD…and then to top it off, they took it one MASSIVE LEAP further, all the way to Children’s Services and stated that I, Mother of the Boy, was in fact Fabricating or Inducing Illness (Previously referred to as Munchausen by Proxy).

NOW WOAH >>> This is MEGA….and totally, TOTALLY FCKED UP.

Allegations, really BAD allegations of Significant Emotional Harm.

My boys were put on a Section 47 Child Protection Order, YES BOTH BOYS…and the social services at Worcestershire County Council went blindly along with the allegations and didn’t even query the NHS position or seek a second opinion….Of course why would they, the NHS is infallible right? WRONG. SOOoooooo screwing wrong.

I’ll post more about the NHS ordeal another time too. It is complex and I am thorough.

So here it is: ABOUT: 

Mother Brooch

I am a Mother. I am meant to be an Artist, a Project Manager and I am meant to write shit down to create income, self-help and forge against crap. Yet, all of that pales in significance to the actual role that consumes me.

I repeat. I am a Mother. Dedicated to my children to the point that my entire life, career and self have partially suffered at the hands of my eagerness to have a complete and happy family. I have two children, both are utterly amazing and super gorgeous creatures, one of which is kinda ‘chilled out’ yet decides to kick off if he can’t find his ‘muslin’ and another kicks off at the very idea of getting dressed, going to the loo or not having the iPad.
Yeah sure, kids huh?
This kid.
The BOY who has been an all-consuming beautiful, brilliant, loving, pain in the ass since he was a tiny tiddley baby has been my absolute and total life’s work to date, and has, unbeknownst to him taken every left over bit of energy I have…and my partner’s too. Now this is the matter of the facts, and not to say that i blame or resent either of my children in any way, shape or form for any changes my life has encountered since i chose to become a Mother. My partner and I chose to have both our children in love. However, we unwittingly produced The Boy in our own image. We accept that and if anything, I guess we both wish we had not burdened him with our very own genetics and hereditary fuck-up-ery. But we did, we had two children, One is ASD and One is only 1. We are who we are, and we are pretty darn good parents, protective, proactive and incredibly loving, everything we do is in the best interests of both our children, and we know our children very, very well.

I suppose that living in an Autistic Spectrum household, we had a bit of a battle on our hands from the off, but not with the Boy, or the Toddler Tank. But with the goddamn Local Authorities and Healthcare ‘Professionals’ who are supposed to be there to support our children, and in turn our family.

So we now have one son with diagnosed High Functioning Autism with Significant Demand Avoidant features. He has PDA. Just as we said. Yet, as family, this is not what has changed us. We knew that already right? so no, the Boy’s ASD diagnosis has not changed us. At all.

The repercussions have changed us.

The policies and procedures have changed us.

The injustice has changed us.

The misspent energy has changed us.

The FIGHT has changed us.

It’s the FIGHT that has meant I changed my “ABOUT’ page and not the diagnosis. It is not something positive that has changed us, it is certainly the negative actions of the ‘professionals’ that has changed me, and as a result, my previous battle against them to get the Boy understood, to get the help we needed, is now a battle against them for justice. I’m battling against the people who are the NHS, the Social Services, the people who ‘teach’ parenting courses, the people who think they have a better understanding, and those who think they are of a higher power…These people do not know who they have chosen to back in to a corner, they have no idea who they have chosen to take on in battle, i am not a victim neither are my children. I will bruise your profession with every word i write, complaint i make, email i send and media sound i make. I will make a such a skull crushing noise you will not hear yourself think.


We have not changed.

We are who we have always been, yet a little more aware, a little less vulnerable and a lot less naive.

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